Who Killed the Cook?

Who Killed the Cook Book Cover

Who Killed the Cook is both a mystery and romance published in e-book format.

When young Karl Soderstrom makes the decision to move from St. Paul, Minnesota, to a small southern Missouri town to fulfill his dream of being a cop, little does he imagine the exciting summer that lies ahead. A body is discovered in a pond on the farm of eighteen-year-old Heddy Bliss, the town sweetheart and the most beautiful girl Karl has ever seen.

Heddy is still in the throes of grief as she recovers from the death of her grandmother, known as Grandmom, the only parent she ever knew. She lives alone about fifteen miles out of town, with only her beloved dog "Always" for company. Heddy works in a diner, the town’s focal point of friendliness and small-town gossip.

The reader will follow the exploits of Miss Bliss, who doggedly pursues clues to the murder of Kevin Mahoney, alias Arthur the cook, much to the concern of Sheriff Bobby Barnes and the many other town folk who watch over Heddy.

As the mystery unfolds, so does a budding romance between Deputy Soderstrom and Heddy Bliss.

Where can you find Who Killed the Cook?

You can order Who Killed the Cook, through Amazon for your Kindle.