Where Bluebirds Gather

Where Bluebirds Gather Book Cover

Where Bluebirds Gather portrays the life of Gladys Ames, best known as Gladdie, as she navigates her 87-year-long journey through life--years of joy and grief, victories and defeats, admirable gains and heartbreaking losses. The story traces her life as a journalist and memorable writer. It follows her family from the days when Gladdie and her husband Don were introduced to their later years and their final love experience. Gladdie's years of widowhood lead the reader to her last days.

As part of life, the deaths of loved ones are included, as the strong bonds of love and friendship prevail. Throughout the book, the specter of Alzheimer's appears, first afflicting Gladdie's grandmother, then her dearest friend, and finally, Gladdie herself. As stated by Gladdie's physican, "Alzheimer's gave years of vacuous nothingness, and for those who loved them and cared for them, years of stress, fear, and feelings of helplessness."

Where can you find Where Bluebirds Gather?

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