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Sandra White's first novel, The Album, causes even the most hard-hearted to examine his or her feelings about the elderly. How would you react if your perfectly ordered life was suddenly shoved off-balance as you find yourself giving daily care to an aging parent - or parent-in-law?

The antagonist in The Album is plunged into this challenge, and through her actions, the reader learns how despicable one can be when faced with perceived loss of selfishly guarded privileges.More likely, the reader will relate to the heroine, who, inspite of age and illness, struggles to maintain her dignity at all costs.

Catherine Rowan Montgomery, known to everyone as "Cath," has had a good life as an acclaimed artist, a much-loved wife, mother and grandmother. But after her husband dies and her own ability to care for herself is lessened by illness, she begins to live a nightmare as a victim of elder abuse.

Afraid of one thing above all else - the loss of her dignity - she tells no one of her plight, of the mistreatment she endures at the hand of her self-centered and cruel daughter-in-law. She struggles alone, often with only an old photo album to comfort her.

Elder abuse is thought by many to the fastest growing form of domestic violence in the country. As the number of elderly increases, the number of those abused will also rise. This novel clearly reveals the sadness of abuse victims and the damage done by this heinous practice. Readers may weep with Cath - and hopefully, they'll be moved to do something about the abuse problem.

A large-print version is available.

A large-print version of The Album was released in the spring of 2010, targeting, in particular, the elderly and those with impaired vision.

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