Riches to Rags/Molly

Riches to Rags Book Cover

Rags to Riches is the story of a mentally ill street person - Dr.Merritt Hall Davis, known on the street as "Molly." Merritt is born into a wealthy family, and for a while is a successful physician, as well as a happy wife and mother. But outbursts stemming from her mental illness destroy her career and her family. Her estranged husband and daughter are killed in a car accident, preceded by the death of her parents, events that plunge her further into the depths of her illness.

Although she receives treatment for her mental condition, she eventually runs away from her sorrows and finds herself on the streets of Valeria, a fictitious city in Indiana. There she spends the next 15 years of her life.

Molly's mental illness is characterized by voices that torment her mercilessly, asleep or awake, and drastic mood swings. Symptoms first appear when she is a young woman in college and reoccur intermittently during the remainder of her life.

Molly finds friends among the other street people, ranging from "Old Johnny," who becomes her protector, to Petey, a 15-year-old runaway. Most of the story deals with Molly while she is in Valeria, but on two different occasions, she finds herself lost in totally unfamiliar surroundings, away from the city.

During Molly's years on the street, she suffers from hunger, exposure, derision, and brutality. The injuries she sustains in one brutal attack lead to her death.

Molly is a story of a wide array of human emotions. It is a love story and a tragedy; it is a tale of hope and hopelessness; and it is a story of great courage in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

Where can you find Riches to Rags or Molly?

You can order Riches to Rags or Molly, through any major "bricks and mortar" bookseller or through Amazon. Riches to Rags can be ordered in e-book format through Amazon for Kindle, and Barnes & Noble for Nook.