My Books

Sandra White has spent most of her life in Midwestern states, and she places her stories in those familiar settings. Although the states are real, most of the cities are not. She prefers to write about fictitious cities, thus avoiding the need for historical accuracy; for example, Ashville, Missouri, in Where Bluebirds Gather, Blakefield, Nebraska in The Album, Valeria, Indiana in Riches to Rags, and Marybelle, Missouri in Who Killed The Cook?.

Sandra has long been interested in social issues, and that interest reached a height when she was working on her doctoral studies in the 1980's and early 1990's. Her interest in issues of the elderly inspired The Album, the story of a victim of elder abuse. Observing the increase of homelessness over the years, and following news reports of the great number of mentally ill individuals living on the street, prompted her to write Riches to Rags, a tale of a wealthy physician whose mental illness sends her to a life on the street. Where Bluebirds Gather addresses the tragedy of Alzheimer's, a disease affecting so many families, robbing its victims of normal aging years that should be filled with joyous memories. All three books are works of fiction.

Her e-book, Who Killed the Cook, a light romantic mystery, will appeal to young and old alike.

The Album

Catherine Rowan, the protagonist in The Album, has had a good life as an acclaimed artist, a much-loved wife, mother and grandmother. But after her husband dies, and her own ability to care for herself is lessened by illness, she begins to live a nightmare as a victim of elder abuse. Afraid of one thing above all else - the loss of her dignity - she tells no one of her plight, of the mistreatment she endures at the hand of her self-centered and cruel daughter-in-law. She struggles alone, often with only an old photo album to comfort her.

Riches to Rags/Molly

This book is the fictitious memoir of Merritt Hall-Davis, an heiress and successful physician whose life is shattered due to her mental illness. Her illness drives her to flee from her home and all familiar surroundings to a life of homelessness, a life on the street, where she in known as "Molly." Over the years she meets many others existing in the same circumstances as she. Her life on the street is filled with tragedies and danger, love and enlightenment. Her innate characteristics of strength and caring for others shine on in spite of the difficult and harrowing experiences she encounters.

Where Bluebirds Gather

Where Bluebirds Gather portrays the life of Gladys Ames, best known as Gladdie, as she navigates her 87-year-long journey through life--years of joy and grief, victories and defeats, admirable gains and heartbreaking losses. The story traces her life as a journalist and memorable writer. It follows her family from the days when Gladdie and her husband Don were introduced to their later years and their final love experience. Gladdie's years of widowhood lead the reader to her last days.

Who Killed the Cook?

The reader of this tale will follow the exploits of Heddy Bliss, who doggedly pursues clues to the murder of Kevin Mahoney, alias Arthur the cook, much to the concern of Sheriff Bobby Barnes and the many other town folk who watch over Heddy. As the mystery unfolds, so does a budding romance between the town's new Deputy, Karl Soderstrom, and Heddy.