My Art

Kearney Street Barn - Springfield, Missouri

This Painting, along with a story Sandra wrote about the barn, was featured in The Ozarks Mountaineer in 2004: the barn was torn down early in the new century.

A picture of the Kearney Street Barn in Springfield, Missouri.

Bear Creek Church - Missouri

This church-of another era-sits in a rural area in Missouri, once surrounded by a town, now vacant.

A picture of the Bear Creek Church located in Missouri.

Chitwood Covered Bridge - Oregon

This covered bridge is one of many in an area around Lebanon, Oregon.

A picture of the Chitwood Covered Bridge located in Oregon.

Pacific Ocean off the Coast of Oregon

A view off the Pacific coast at Newport, Oregon, this is Sandra's last rendering using oil paint.

A picture of the Pacific off the coast of Oregon.

Harbor Village - Oklahoma

This small church is situated in a miniature village off the "beaten path" along an Oklahoma highway.

A picture of Harbor Village located in Oklahoma.

Split Rock Lighthouse - Two Harbors, Minnesota

Sitting high above Lake Superior, this lighthouse is a landmark and a popular tourist site.

A picture of Split Rock Lighthouse located in Two Harbors, Minnesota.

Gulf Coast - Texas

This is a view from the shore of the Gulf of Mexico in the area of Bacliff, Texas.

A picture of the Texas gulf coast.