Sandra White

News and Information

Sandra's first book, The Album, tells the story of a noted artist who, when she becomes an elderly widow, suffers abuse. Molly is the story of a woman and others who experience the difficult existence of homelessness. Molly is also available as an e-book under the title, Riches to Rags. Sandra's real life story, I Am Mortal, was published in Chicken Soup for the Sister's Soul.

Sandra's most recent novel, Where Bluebirds Gather has now been published for Kindle. It is a story of love and of family. It deals with birth and death, childhood and old age, triumph and defeat. It’s the tale of a talented successful writer, Gladys Johnson Ames, and the many whose lives touch hers.

Even though her books deal with trying situations and sadness, they are also tales of the joy of love and family.

Three of Sandra's novellas published for Kindle, Gussie's Diary, Aunt Beth's Christmas Treasures, and Mom's Crazy Quilt are stories of nostalgia. Her last novella, She's a Winner, relates how great the accomplishments can be for someone with disabilities when they have the loving support of family and friends.

In addition to the novellas, her romantic mystery, Who Killed the Cook?, has also been published for Kindle.